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Life is filled with choices

Too many to comprehend

You must choose one road

Let's see where it will end

Will you chose the dark side?

Will you choose the good?

Maybe you should choose by

Whatever is your mood

Feeling bright and bubbly?

Even a little weird?

The side of good is the place for you

Where the darkness has not leered

The side of good doesn't interest you?

Then prepare to take a rope

Because escaping from the darkness without it

Dude, you have no hope!

Have you made your decision yet?

Because your time has come to choose

Which road will you take today?

C'mon, what have you got to lose?


 So what are you waiting for? 

        The Dark Side 


    The Good Side 


           Last Update 06/03/06 - T0D REVIVAL ACTIVATED!




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