Discover Student Response Network - Interactive Videoconferences

Student Response Network (SRN) is available FREE of charge to ALL NSW Department of Education & Training Public Schools. It is included on all 2011 DER Laptops (S3 & T3)

What is it? Visit the main Student Response Network website.

Upcoming SRN Interactive Videoconferences:

Find out all about how SRN is used in the classroom as well as how it ties in with Stu's QuizBoxes in this half-hour interactive videoconference.

  • Brekkie with a Teckkie - Wed 16 March at 8am. Details and registrations here

  • DER Schools Only - Thur 17 March at 3:30pm. To register your high school or central school for this session, just send an email from your @det email account to with the subject "SRN VC Registration" and include your school and approximate number of participants in the message. A reply will be sent including the VC virtual room number and Bridgit details.

Preparing for your SRN Interactive Videoconference:

Please download SRN Client to the desktop of your Connected Classroom PC - and extract the program from the ZIP file. The icon should appear as a white hand on a purple button. Alternatively, if you have a DER T3 or S3 laptop, SRN Client is already installed and ready to go. Just type SRN in the search box and you’ll find it. Further instructions will be provided during the session.

NOTE: Student Response Network has been provided to NSW DET public schools at NO COST to the NSW DET.