Join the EduWeb Mailing List!

The EduWeb Mailing List has been created (in Feb 2004) to support K-12 schools in the state of New South Wales, Australia with implementing the concept of "Student-Centred Intranets" to promote project-based multimedia learning.  This list will provide support and advice for teachers in this area.  Teachers from outside NSW with an interest in the EduWeb concept are also welcome.

The list is not intended for technical experts, although there certainly will be some who have subscribed, and some messages may be technical from time to time.  It is rather intended to support ordinary teachers trying to do new and extraordinary things in their class using Stu's EduWeb.  This is an opportunity to join in with a group of teachers who want to make a difference in the classroom by effectively using information and communication technologies to benefit their students.

You can ask questions, provide feedback about your experiences with EduWeb or respond to other subscribers.  You may choose to get going sending messages right away, or you may just want to wait and see what comes through from others.  Feel free to participate as you wish.  The main thing is, in the end, that you learn more about how EduWeb can be used at your school to support student learning.

How to Join the EduWeb Mailing List How to Send Messages to the EduWeb Mailing List How to Leave the EduWeb Mailing List  (Unsubscribe)
Joining the EduWeb Mailing List is easy.  All you need is your own e-mail address (try not to use your school one unless you use it exclusively).  Send a blank e-mail message to within 30 minutes, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, and as soon as you confirm, you'll be subscribed! Once subscribed, to send a message to everyone subscribed to the EduWeb Mailing List, just compose a message and send it to - your message will automatically be sent to all subscribers!  It's as easy as that.  You cannot send a message to the list if you are not subscribed. If at any stage you would like to leave the mailing list (UNSUBSCRIBE), you should send a message to: with the single line: SIGNOFF EDUWEB in the body of the message.  No subject line is required.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail, and as soon as you confirm you will be unsubscribed.

EduWeb Mailing List Rules:

What's a mailing list or listserv without rules??  Rules, also referred to as "netiquette" ensures everyone has a positive experience from being subscribed to a list which contains a wide variety of personalities.  Even though all who are subscribed have an interest in using EduWeb at school, messages can be misinterpreted by individuals, causing friction.  Here are some tips to avoid that friction on a mailing list:

  1. If you are posting for the first time, an introductory message would be nice.  Who are you?  What are you hoping from the list? What are your experiences to date?  What type of computers do you use at school?
  2. Keep your posts relevant to the concept of student-centred intranets, project-based multimedia learning and/or EduWeb
  3. Do not e-mail any attachments to the mailing list.
  4. If your post is relevant only to one member of the list, please contact that person directly using personal e-mail.
  5. Use the subject line to announce your topic. We all get a lot of e-mail and a descriptive subject line will help.
  6. Cover only one topic per message.
  7. When responding to a message, if you change the subject, then change the "Subject".
  8. Respect other posters' ownership. Do not forward or share others' e-mail without their permission.
  9. When responding to another's message, don't quote back the entire message. Delete the excess respond to the specific points.
  10. Avoid "Me, too" and "Yes" messages. We really are interested in reading what you can add to the discussion.
  11. DON'T TYPE IN ALL CAPS. This is perceived as shouting.
  12. Use emoticons (also known as "smileys") when trying to convey a tone of voice :-) - let us know if you're joking.  Some won't get it otherwise.
  13. Consider carefully what you write; it's a permanent record and can be easily forwarded to others.
  14. Write succinctly.  Don't waffle on.
  15. Don't flame others, either on or off the list.  Don't join into flame-wars.  Respect everyone's input.  We are all at different levels and we are all just trying to improve.
  16. Don't send entire web pages to the list, just the URL (web page address) - say why you think it's useful.
  17. Don't blatantly promote your or someone else's business by posting an advertisement to a discussion group, unless it is clearly of general interest and related directly to the EduWeb concept. Otherwise, you are "spamming".
  18. Read over your e-mail before you send it. Although e-mail is a more informal method of communication than writing a letter, be sure you make your points clear and concise. Use a spell checker if available.

I hope you get great benefit from participating in the EduWeb Mailing List and look forward to seeing your contributions.

Stu's EduWeb is designed and developed  by Stuart Hasic -  It is available free of charge for public schools in the state of New South Wales in Australia only.  Other schools interested in Stu's EduWeb should contact the developer directly. (c) 2001-2004 by Stuart Hasic