Half a Horse


SADLY, after a very long illness, the valley's most popular farmer died. To his wife, he left the farm, a prosperous dairy with the latest in udder-suckers and five hundred head of cattle. To his only daughter he bequeathed the holiday house and family car and to his three sons he left all of his thoroughbred horses.

To split up the horses between the three boys, he left the following instructions with the executor of the estate. The eldest is to receive half of the horses plus half a horse. To the second son, he left half of the remaining horses plus half a horse and the youngest was to get half of the horses left over plus half a horse.

Luckily, the Humane Society did not need to be called in as all of the farmer's sons received whole horses. How many horses did the farmer leave?

Can your PC can play a MIDI (30kb) file?

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