The Machine Shop 


A METALWORK factory in the suburbs was very prosperous. They realised that if all of the metal shavings collected after working on their lathes, drill presses and other machinery was melted down, it could be reshaped and used - thus maximising the use of their lead and steel purchases.

The shop specialised in making kloffdangs and because of their clever work practices, they could make more kloffdangs than other shops using the same amount of raw material. So their kloffdang price was the cheapest and they sold more.

Kloffdangs are made from lead blanks turned on a lathe. Each blank suffices for one kloffdang. Lead shavings accumulated from making six kloffdangs can be melted and made into a blank.

How many kloffdangs can be made from 216 blanks?


Can your PC can play a MIDI (50kb) file?

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