Plain Old English


I'VE ALREADY had my personal dig at Mathematics (see question 4), now it's the English language's turn. English is probably the most descriptive language that exists. The most famous literary work is always in English as it provides so many ways of saying the same thing. But English does have its problems.

Let's look at the four letters 'ough'. When they are combined with other letters to form words, the pronunciation changes dramatically For example: tough (uff), trough (off), though (owe), thought (awe), through (oo), thorough (uh), and bough (ow). That's 'plain' English for you - even 'phonetic' doesn't start with an 'F'!

Now, if I said it was possible to punctuate a bunch of words that had the word 'had' repeated eleven (11) times one after the other so that it made sense, what would you say?

Well maybe I am crazy, but it is possible. The words are:

Susan while Mary had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect.

Can you punctuate it so it makes sense? I'll even give you a clue. The correct solution is in only two sentences.

Can your PC can play a MIDI (65kb) file?

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