The Crazy Dragonfly


PICTURE two towns - Town A and Town B. They are exactly 150km apart. Car A leaves Town A headed for Town B. At exactly the same moment, Car B leaves Town B headed for Town A.

Car A travels at an average velocity of 60km/h. Car B (a Volvo being driven by an old man wearing a hat) averages 40km/h.

Again, at the same moment that both cars leave their respective towns, a dragonfly with an average velocity of 150km/h, which was sitting on the bonnet of Car A flies off to Car B. When it reaches Car B, it immediately turns around and heads back to Car A. It repeats this process until the two cars meet.

Throughout the dragonfly's flight, the wind is blowing in a direction from Town B to Town A at a rate of 6,013 furlongs/fortnight. The problem is, what is the name of the driver of Car A? Only joking. How far has the dragonfly travelled over its entire journey?

Here's a clue. The mass of the dragonfly is 0.73 grams.


Can your PC can play a MIDI (37kb) file?

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