The Dunks and Dogs Mead


THE YEAR is 1939. The place, a farm in southern England. A farm that has been in the Dunk family for many years. A part of the farm is a rectangular piece of land called Dog's Mead. Measurements are imperial. 4,840 square yards equals one acre as do four roods. 1,760 yards equals one mile. Twenty shillings equals one pound. That's all you need to know.


1. Area in square yards of Dog's Mead.

5. Age of Martha, Father Dunk's aunt.

6. Difference in yards between the length and breadth of Dog's Mead.

7. Number of roods in Dog's Mead times 8 down.

8. The year the Dunks acquired Dog's Mead.

10. Father Dunk's age.

11. Year of Mary's birth.

14. Perimeter in yards of Dog's Mead.

15. Cube of Father Dunk's walking speed in miles per hour.

16. 15 across minus 9 down.


1. Value in shillings per rood of Dog's Mead.

2. Square of the age of Father Dunk's mother-in-law.

3. Age of Mary, Father Dunk's daughter.

4. Value in pounds of Dog's Mead.

6. Age of Ted, Father Dunk's son who will be twice the age of his sister Mary in 1945.

7. Square the breadth of Dog's Mead.

8. Time in minutes it takes Father Dunk to walk 1 and 1/3 times around Dog's Mead.

9. The number which wen multiplied by 10 across, gives 10 down.

10. See 9 down.

12. Addition of the digits in 10 down plus 1.

13. The number of years Dog's Mead has been in the Dunk family.

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