The Bishop and the Bellringers


THE BISHOP was very pleased when he had heard that his brother had become the Minister at one of the largest churches in town. He immediately set out to visit his brother and to offer his congratulations.

Upon his arrival, he was greeted by the new Minister and taken on a tour of the very old but beautiful church. He was introduced to the volunteer gardener and cleaner, and up in the bell tower, was told of the three regular bellringers that came on Sundays. The Bishop asked of his brother, "How old are your three bellringers?"

The Minister, remembering that his brother had a penchant for mathematics said:

"Your Grace, see if you can work it out. The product of their ages is 2,450 and the sum of their ages equals your age, Your Grace".

"That's not enough information!", the Bishop replied quickly.

"Well then, they are all younger than I am.", said the Minister.

"That tells me their ages, thank you.", answered the Bishop.

Your Question is, how old is the Minister? And Why?


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