The Ozland Olympics


THE YEAR is 1992 and the country of Ozland had sent their largest-ever team. There were twenty more women than men, and swimmers made up fifteen percent of the entire squad. Of all the medals Ozland won, twice as many as gold were silver and twice as many as bronze were gold. Only realistic olympic events and achievements are mentioned. That's all you need to know.


1. The year of Steve Dontforgetti's father's birth

4. The total number of medals won by Ozland

5. The cube of the number of goals scored against the Ozlandic Soccer Team

7. One-third of the difference in age between Ozland's youngest and oldest team members

8. The year that Ozland last won more than ten gold medals at the Olympics

10. The total number of male members in Ozland's Olympic Squad

12. The age of Ozland's oldest team member

14. The median (middle) age of the Ozland Team members

16. One-sixteenth of 17-across plus the square root of the height in centimetres cleared by Alison Hasacavity in the high jump

17. The length in metres of Ozland's only gold medal-winning running race

18. The number of swimmers in the Ozland Olympic Team


1. The total number of gold medals won by Ozland

2 The number of members in the Ozlandic Olympic Team

3. The square-root of the number of minutes it took Ozland's Steve Dontforgetti to complete the marathon

4. The total number of points scored by Jane Lemmings in the heptathalon

5. The oldest team member's age multiplied by the youngest member's age

6. 4-across multiplied by 23

7. The number of women in Ozlaand's team

8. The square of the number of men in Ozland's Olympic team

9. The number when added to 4-across then multiplied by 12-across gives 4-down

11. 7-down plus 16-down

13. 5-across plus 20

15. The average age of all Ozlandic team members

16. The age of Steve Dontforgetti's father

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