ALTHOUGH I would love to have been remembered as the first-ever writer of puzzles and brain-teasers, it goes without saying that I am but one of a very long line.

Because of this fact, it is obvious that many thanks must go to puzzle authors the world-over. For they are the reason I delved into the "other side".

As an insatiable puzzle-solver for most of my life, I found it was a totally new challenge to compose conundrums. The authors of the puzzles of my past are my inspiration and have provided me with several ideas for the brand new style of puzzles which can be found at this site. From Martin Gardner to Julius Sumner-Miller to Victor Serebriakoff to the Mensa society - just to name a few.

In developing this site, thanks to Corel for the clipart (mostly modified) and to for the great thinking music (see my links page for more on this website). Sure, there maybe some bum notes in some songs, but you get what you pay for! ; )

I must also thank you, the solver. For without you, there would be no cause to produce this type of website. Particularly to the readers of my monthly puzzle column in Interface who so overwhelmed me with responses to the problems I posed. I hope you all enjoy this compilation. I am always receptive to any comments you may have regarding The Great Enigma Challenge.  Remember, you can get a free copy of all these Enigmas in E-Book form (for Windows PCs) simply by clicking the Title at the very top and saving the download to your Desktop.  Any comments you may have about the E-Book are appreciated.

Lastly, it is impossible for me not to thank my wife, who was so patient with me during the many months of writing and compiling this set of problems.

Once again, to all of the above, I thank you.

Stu Hasic. Sydney. October 1998 (updated July 2004)


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