The Talking Times Tables Tester is a FREE and entertaining way your students can practise their maths times tables.

Featuring tables from 1 through to 12 plus a "Random" option, students are provided with a visual representation of each problem displayed.

With kids' voices asking the questions and providing feedback both when correct or incorrect, this program will fit neatly into the single computer in the classroom model.

At the end of each session a report is displayed which can be printed showing how many questions were attempted in each times table and how many attempts were answered both correctly and incorrectly.

There are two separate versions of the program, TTTT.exe and TTTTREV.EXE. The two programs cater for the different ways schools teach times tables.

With TTTT.exe, the 9X table shows up as 9x1, 9x2, 9x3 etc. With TTTTREV.exe, the 9X table shows 1x9, 2x9, 3x9 etc.

Choose whichever program you want! Simply make a shortcut on the desktop to the desired program.

Click to download the Talking Times Tables Tester.... Click the button at left to download the Talking Times Tables Tester for Windows.  It's 1.79MB in size.  Download the TTTTSETUP.exe file to your desktop then run it to install to your computer.

The Talking Times Tables Tester was designed and developed by: 

Stu Hasic -

(c) 1996-2002 by Stu Hasic.