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EduWeb Software & Utilities
Click to download Stu's EduWeb!

HERE NOW!  Download Stu's EduWeb (v9.0) for use at your school.  This 4.5MB free program (for NSW Government schools only) is used to create your EduWeb Setup Folder.  It includes almost everything you need to build your new school intranet in one easy download.  Read the Instructions page (linked at the left) for complete Installation details. 

Click to download the EduWeb Templates Manual... The EduWeb Templates Toolkit is exactly what schools need to help with the process of creating EduWeb student topic templates to distribute to students.  A Step-by-Step guide titled "How to Create and Distribute EduWeb Templates" is included in the toolkit and there are blank templates which combined will guide you through this easy process.  This Toolkit (1.00MB) is very simple to follow and provides an excellent starting point for teachers who would like to create (and hopefully share) their own EduWeb templates!  Download this program to the Windows PC, and run it.  It will create a folder called "EduWeb Templates" containing everything you need. 
Click to download the EduWeb WebCam utility... EduWeb WebCam is a useful tool that schools (or individuals) can use to easily create their own on-line WebCam. This program will allow you to turn an ordinary USB web camera on a Windows PC into a webcam server, accessible by other computers on your school network. In the case of the NSW Dept of Education (DET), your webcam server can be accessible by all schools and DET offices in the state! And if you have broadband internet access at home, you can create your own personal webcam site accessible by the whole world!  Full PDF instructions included.  Only 0.98MB!   
Click to download the EduWeb Photo Studio... Download the EduWeb Photo Studio!  This amazing little (988kb) Windows application will allow you do do something that has to be seen to be believed.  Imagine a tiny WebCam that you can buy for less than $80 being able to take photos of all of your students and place them in their correct EduWeb folder so the students can then easily add them to their EduWeb pages.  Sounds amazing?  It is.  Get it now.  Full instructions enclosed.

Download a utility for Netware servers

If your school has a Netware server with Individual User Logins for each student and you created your login accounts yourself and not using Stu's Login Wizard, you should download this 12kb zipped utility and documentation to grant user rights for each user to their EduWeb folder only.  If you created your login accounts using the Logins Wizard for either Netware or Windows 2000 Servers, you should use the utility bundled in with the Wizard programs - click here for Netware and here for Windows 2000 servers.

Click to download a CD AutoRun Utility...

Many schools are wanting to burn a CD for their students and want it to be able to auto play upon insertion into the drive.  In order to Auto play a "htm" file, you need a utility.  Download and run this free 43kb Windows utility by Stuart Hasic to get the utility you need.  It can also be used to auto play PDF files or other document-type files.  Full instructions included in the download.

EduWeb Instructions and Mini Posters
Click to download the EduWeb Install Guide... BRAND NEW!  This two page guide is a great starting point to explain the process of setting up EduWeb on a server with Individual Student Logon Accounts (aimed at Windows 200x Servers and Novell Netware servers) BRAND NEW!
Click to download the EduWeb User Manual...

Download Using Stu's EduWeb - a high quality user manual for all aspects of using EduWeb at your school.  This 39 page PDF download is 2.65MB in size.  Installation instructions for EduWeb are separate, on the Instructions page.

Click to download "How to Edit EduWeb" mini-posters for Windows

Download and print this 15-page set of "mini poster" instructions for Editing Your EduWeb (using Windows with Internet Explorer and FrontPage 2000).  This 625kb PDF document is divided into a separate poster page for each editing option.  Each page contains screen-dumps with clear instructions covering that option.  Print them out and stick them up on the wall for your students (and staff) to use.  Thanks to Villawood East Public School for giving me a lot of ideas in producing this document.

Click to download How to Edit EduWeb on the Mac instructions... Download and print this 13-page set of "mini-poster"  instructions for editing EduWeb pages using Netscape Communicator (v7) on an iMac running OS X.  This excellent 1.9Mb PDF document was kindly produced and submitted by Paul Clark, District Technology Adviser, Bankstown.
Click to download Sample EduWeb Topics... These Sample EduWeb Topics have been designed by teachers from Sutherland, St George and Wollongong Districts and compiled by Therese Coogan.  You can download an entire topic by clicking the Download link at the right of each topic.  Each download is a zipped (compressed) file containing multiple files which can be saved to your disk.  Then you can use the EWTopics utility to transfer them to each student's EduWeb page!
Click to download the Postitions Vacant Poster! With the new School News Page and Photo Galleries that are a part of EduWeb 2004, maybe you'd like to recruit some students to be School News Reporters and School Photo-Journalists!  Here's a Positions Vacant advertisement you can print off and hang around the school to attract students to the jobs!  The Click button to the left will download a PDF version of the advertisement, or for an MS Word format that you can customise for your school, click here.  
Click to download these Mini Posters... Two Mini-Posters in PDF format to assist your students with the process of Submitting News Items in EduWeb.  These instructions were produced and kindly provided for download by Justine Abell from Irrawang Public School in the Maitland area.
EduWeb Promotion Tools
Click to find out all about Stu's EduWeb 2004! Stu's EduWeb includes too many new features to detail on this website.  Instead, you can download this 9-page PDF flyer (1.37MB) which will highlight many of the excellent new applets and pages built right into this amazing release.  This flyer was handed out to the 200+ attendees at the launch of EduWeb 2004 on 4/12/03. 
Click to download an EduWeb flyer

Download and print a one-page flyer for EduWeb.  This 293kb PDF document is useful when attempting to explain what EduWeb is to others at your school.

Click to download a Powerpoint Slideshow... Download a Powerpoint Slideshow all about Student-Centred Intranets and why your school should have one.  Really useful for explaining what an intranet is and the benefits of the concept to the rest of the teachers at your school.
Click to download a Powerpoint Slideshow... Paul McGillicuddy, former Technology Adviser at South West Sydney Region has created a useful and brief Powerpoint Slideshow for those individual teachers trying to present EduWeb to the school.  It's titled: "Why Use EduWeb as an Intranet?" and you can download a copy by clicking the link at the left (save your own copy by right-clicking and choosing Save Target As...).  Build an EduWeb and then link from the PPT to the EduWeb you created so it can then be demonstrated.  Thanks Paul.
EduWeb 3rd Party Products and Patches
Click to download the upgrade for the Windows Scripting Host...

Some older PCs may encounter a "Run-Time Error 430" when running the EduWeb Shortcut Creator.  These computers need an upgrade of the Microsoft Windows Scripting Host engine.  Download this 660kb program to the affected computer(s) and run it.

Click to visit Bjorn Ischo's site and download Buttonz!

The EduWeb buttons were created using a free (and excellent) program for Windows called 'Buttonz' which was developed by Bjorn Ischo.  You can get your own copy of Buttonz and its complimentary utility called 'Tilez' by clicking the 'click' button at the left to visit his website.  After you install Buttonz, you'll need to get the appropriate Buttonz Parameter file for your selected EduWeb button style.  Click the required download button below to get your Buttonz Parameter file (.bff file - zipped, so you must unzip it before using).  Save it to disk, unzip, then choose the option File...Load Parameters from within the Buttonz program to load the button template you downloaded and start creating your new buttons for EduWeb.  The typeface used on the buttons is Kristen ITC.  Please note, that while I'm offering you the ability to create your own extra buttons, I cannot provide support for the Buttonz or Tilez programs. 

Click to download the Firestone template file... Click to download the Copper template file...
Click to download the Mother of Pearl template file... Click to download the Midnight template file...

Stu's EduWeb is designed and developed  by Stuart Hasic -  It is available free of charge for public schools in the state of New South Wales in Australia only.  Other schools interested in Stu's EduWeb should contact the developer directly. (c) 2001-2010 by Stuart Hasic