IT'S ONLY possible to carve out the best of your craft using the best tools.  When your craft is teaching and the end-product is learning, your tools can make all the difference.  Many educators know that authoring is one of the best ways of learning, but writing pages of notes on paper is one of the least stimulating activities we can push onto our students.  Web-authoring on the other hand is a completely different story.

Imagine if your students each had their own website on your own local school intranet - (in just minutes from now!):

  • Their work would suddenly gain an audience - the whole school!
  • They could integrate all the technologies they use at school into their website!
    • Word Processing, PowerPoint slideshows, Hyperstudio, Animations, Photos, Videos, Voice recordings, Drawings and paintings
  • Their website content relates to their work in class!
  • They increase their website design skills - very valuable today!