The Great Enigma Challenge is a compilation of puzzles that first appeared in my column in Interface, a monthly computer publication in Sydney, Australia. This Challenge website makes these puzzles more accessible to the masses.

So what's different about my Enigmas from puzzles found in other books or websites? Enigmas don't just ask questions. They don't just pose problems. Enigmas introduce you to interesting new characters, amusing situations and baffling brain-busters.

What's more, unlike other puzzle books or websites, The Great Enigma Challenge contains the most diverse range of conundrums on the widest range of subjects - all adding to the enjoyment and desire of finding the correct solution.

Why do people like you and I enjoy solving puzzles? We're probably a minority, but it's certain that the solution of puzzles derives pleasure. This fact is both odd and interesting. When any creature solves the problems it faces in its environment, it is rewarded - it gains food, a mate, a better habitat or some other benefit.

By practising solving puzzles, you are obviously improving your thought-processes of retrieving, storing and arranging information in an optimal fashion; finding or originating a set of optional hypotheses which can make sense of data; reducing the options by elimination until the correct or best answer or answers have been isolated; and the communication of that answer.

A mind enhanced by a little interesting and enjoyable training helps open your eyes to the solution of everyday problems - of life and the desire for success.

So sit back, take some time, read and understand each Enigma before you attempt to solve it. I'm sure you'll have as much fun working them out as I had putting them together.

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Copyright 1998-2004 Stu Hasic - Sydney Australia.

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