To complete the Great Enigma Challenge, you can either solve each puzzle in order from left to right, or do it any order you like!
The Shiftworkers Half a Horse Frank & the Resistors Proving 2 Equals 1
Sam the Butcher The Machine Shop The Restaurant Six The Computer Coded Message
Plain Old English? The Bound Buildings Frank and the Escalator The Stolen Pen Set
The Hungry Bookworm The Missing Letter The Crazy Dragonfly Sam and the Ingots
The Three Marksmen Sam and His New Pool The Desktop Calendar The Dunks & Dog's Mead
Frank and the LP Record Didjabringabongalong? The School of Thought Frank and the Derelict
The Young Liberals Against His Will The Bishop and the Bellringers

The Altair One Beauty Contest

Ozland at the Olympics Frank and the Bricklayers The Seven Cities Road Sixth Sheikh's Sixth Sheep's Sick
The Cricket World Cup Sam and the Hole in the Ground Chrissie and Her Beach House The New Minister of Science
Sam Starr's Snake Show The Exiled Martians

Three Quickies to Finish Off

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