Three Quickies to Finish Off


1. THE GIANT department store David Bros has 873 mannequins on display - some of which only have one leg. All of the one-legged dummies wear one shoe each, but of the remaining (two-legged) dummies, only half wear shoes. What is the total number of shoes worn by mannequins?

2. YOU CLIMB into your car which is parked, facing east on a straight road. You start driving straight - without turning - and after a while, you find you are one kilometre WEST of your starting point. How can that be?

3. WHILE repairs are being made to its hull, a starship five kilometres long ambles through the interstellar deeps at 100km/h. The starship commander who likes to keep fit, strolls along a straight corridor from the nose of the ship to the stern. His speed is 5km/h and his journey measures exactly five kilometres. How far does the commander move through space during his walk?


Can your PC can play a MIDI (25kb) file?

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