The Desktop Calendar

The country of Ozland decided to enter the race for the year 2008 Olympics. The Premier went to Lausanne to visit the IOC to get details. While waiting in the plush offices of the head of the IOC, she noticed a handmade desk calendar which simply comprised two wooden cubes on a stand. The two cubes had digits on each face and could be rotated, swapped around and sat side by side to display all days of the month from 01 to 31.

The whole time she was there, she could think of nothing but those cubes. As soon as she returned home, she ordered her Department of Public Works to make her the same two cubes out of the finest mahogany to match her office furniture.

Some weeks passed and still she had not received her cubes. So she contacted the general manager of Public Works who informed her that the staff chosen to put the gold-embossed numbers onto the faces of the cubes could not work out which digits to put on each cube to cover all of the days of each month.

The Premier was furious because she knew it was possible as she had seen it on her trip to Switzerland.

Can you work it out? Which six digits should go on one cube and which six digits should go on the other to allow for all days to be displayed from 01 to 31?

Can your PC can play a MIDI (18kb) file?

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