Chrissie's Beach House

CHRISSIE was a very good surfer and loved the beach so much that she decided to buy a house on a beachfront street. Chrissie was also very much into astrology and numerology and so was very choosy about the house that she would buy as she would never buy a house with "bad karma".

After months and months of searching, Chrissie finally found and bought the house of her dreams. Everything was perfect - the location: directly across the road from the surfboard area of her favourite beach; the timing: with the Sun in Uranus and Virgo rising there couldn't be a better time; and; the house number: in numerological terms (according to her) would bring peace, happiness and harmony to all who lived there.

But there was something else peculiar about the house number. Since the street had no houses on one side, the houses were numbered 1,2,3,4.... consecutively. By some curious coincidence, the sum of all house numbers less than Chrissie's is the same as the sum of all house numbers greater than Chrissie's.

What is Chrissie's number and how many houses are there in her street if Chrissie's house number is in the thirties?


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