The New Minister of Science

OZLAND's Minister of Science and Technology was about to retire after many years of providing logic and reasoning to the government. As his was such an important position, the Premier deemed him the best person to choose his successor.

Three members of parliament, Amanda Articulate, Brian Brain and Charles Clever, had excelled in the preliminary test and were called forward for a final test.

The Minister proceeded to write numbers on the foreheads of the three contestants and announced that each had been given a prime number (not necessarily distinct) and that the three numbers formed the sides of a triangle with a prime perimeter.

The first to deduce their own number was to be the Minister's successor. Amanda noted that Brian had a 5 and Charles had a 7. After a long period of silence, she announced her number and was duly appointed the new Minister of Science and Technology.

What was her number, and why?


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