Sam Starr's Sensational Snake Show


SAMUEL Starr the Sensational Snake Tamer was just about to commence his popular snake show. On the table in front of him were three boxes - one containing two deadly King Cobras, another with two lethal Taipans, and a third with one King Cobra and one Taipan. Each box was labelled.

During the night, KooKoo the Clown, up to his usual tricks, had switched around the labels on the three boxes so that none was correctly marked. Just as Samuel was about to pull a snake out of the box labelled "Two King Cobras" and shout out, "The Cobra!", the Bearded Lady screamed across to him to tell him what KooKoo had done.

Ever the showman, Samuel said, "No problem! I can deduce the contents of all three boxes simply by pulling ONE snake out of ONE box and seeing what it is". Samuel was absolutely correct.

But how did he do it?


Can your PC can play a MIDI (30kb) file?

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