Frank and the Escalator

OUR HERO, Frank, is always late for work. Getting up, he regimentally completes the four 'S'es of getting ready and heads off to the station. The train is late and packed as usual, and Frank has to hang out the door for the trip. When he gets to the other end, he is ready for his daily walk up the escalator.

He walks at a rate of one step per second, and through sheer boredom, decides to count the number of steps he takes. When he got to the top, he noted that it took exactly twenty steps.

The next morning, Frank had a few problems. There was no toilet paper, all his blades were blunt and the hot water system was on the blink. As he ran to the station, a pack of dogs chased him for two blocks, and with the quick time he had made, he got to the station in time for his usual train. Too bad it came early and had already left.

Frank caught the next train and by this stage he had to really rush. At the other end, he got out and ran up the escalator at two steps per second. Unbelieveable, but true, Frank didn't forget to count. He got to the top in exactly 32 steps.

When he got to his office, Frank sat down. He though to himself, "With the information I've gathered, I can calculate the total number of steps from the bottom to the top!". Frank went to the drawing board and analysed and calculated, and you guessed it, he's still at it.

But you can work it out can't you? How many steps are there in the escalator?


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