The Stolen Pen Set


THERE was hell to pay at Government House. Someone had pinched the Premier's Dunhill Pen and Coaster Set which was a gift from the state's football sponsors. The culprit could only have been one of the five anti-smoking Ministers: Abernathy, Bloomingdale, Carlewis, DeMoney or Engelbert.

The Premier demanded statements from each of them and then called in consultants to evaluate the responses.

Abernathy said he hadn't taken the Dunhill stuff, he had never stolen anything in his life and that DeMoney had taken it.

Bloomingdale said that he hadn't taken the set. He had a large private income. He was sure that Engelbert knew who had taken the goods.

Carlewis, despite his reputation, vehemently denied taking the Dunhill pen and coaster. He had never met Engelbert before he became a Minister and DeMoney was the guilty one.

DeMoney said that he wasn't guilty, and his father was a Priest from Ireland, and that Abernathy was lying when he said that he (DeMoney) was guilty.

Engelbert said that he had not taken the Dunhill set, Bloomingdale did it and Carlewis could vouch for him because they had been together at University.

From the consultants' analysis, it transpired that each of the Ministers had made one false statement.

Who was the guilty one?

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