Frank and the Derelict


FRANK the Engineer enjoys his lunch breaks. Everyday, he takes a leisurely stroll down to Martin Plaza to sit and eat his wife's homemade yeast-extract sandwiches. One day while he was sitting on a bench minding his own business, a derelict walked up and sat down next to him.

Introducing himself as Julius Mumner Siller, he told Frank that he was a qualified Mathematician and Physicist who had fallen on hard times. And that Frank was sitting on his bed. Frank apologised and was about to move on when Julius made a strange remark.

"You can stay if you can answer me this. If 1148 becomes 959 and 928 becomes 547 and 351 becomes 1019, what will 201 become?". As usual, Frank was baffled and decided it was best to leave.

What would you answer?

Can your PC can play a MIDI (46kb) file?

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