The Young Liberals

TWO FUTURE politicians (members of the 'Young Liberals') were talking. The leader said : 

"Hancock, Nurk and Blow will arrive for our meeting tomorrow. Their first names are John, Fred and Joe, but not necessarily in that order. I think John's last name is Hancock."

"You're wrong", said the other. "I'll give you some clues to their full names".

"The father of Elle MacTwiggy, whom you know well, is a brother of Hancock's mother."

"Fred started first class when he was seven and wrote to me recently that finally this year he was beginning sixth-grade algebra."

"Our gardener, Julius Mumner Siller, is Fred's grandfather."

"Nurk is one year older than Fred, and Joe is one year older than Fred."

What are both names and ages of the three boys?


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