Against His Will


ONE OF THE richest men in the country of Ozland was about to die. For many years, he suffered the crippling disease known as SES - Static Electricity Syndrome and he had only weeks to live. As he was childless, he and his devoted wife together decided to produce an offspring to continue his name.

His wife, having succeeded in falling pregnant prior to her husband's death, caused him to alter his will. Having no knowledge of equal opportunity procedures, he drafted a new will stating that if his wife had a son, that he would inherit two-thirds of the estate and the widow one-third. But if she had a daughter, the daughter would get one-third and the widow two-thirds.

Six months after his death, his widow had twins - one boy and one girl. This was a possibility that the will-maker had not foreseen. What division of the estate keeps as close as possible to the terms of the will?


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