Sam the Butcher


SAM is a butcher. Unfortunately due to his profession he has a very unhealthy diet - a mixture of high fat and cholesterol foods - and when coupled with his sweet tooth and drinking problem, Sam's weight had ballooned to 407 pounds.

Because of the constant nagging from his wife and friends, Sam booked himself into the "Cellulite Valleys Health Farm" for one week. There, the rigorous exercise routine and near-starvation diet began its work.

On the first day, Sam lost one pound. On each subsequent day he lost twice what he lost on the previous day plus one pound.

Although mentally drained, Sam was so pleased at the end of his stay that he decided to go to McDonalds to give himself a reward. He ordered and ate six Quarter-Pounders (after throwing out the pickles) and then went straight to work.

When Sam got to work, what did he weigh?

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