The Missing Letter


LITTLE Tommy Terrible loved to play tricks on his teachers. He would often sneak into the staff room and fiddle with the teachers' computer and data files.

One day, while roaming through some word processing documents on the computer, he noticed a file that belonged to his English teacher. Using his knowledge of word processing, he used the Search and Delete function in the word processor to remove all punctuation, spaces and all occurrences of a particular letter of the alphabet. He also capitalised all letters. Then he saved the file and quietly left.

When his teacher attempted to retrieve the file to work on it some more, she was greeted with a mess of gobbledegook. On the screen in front of her was the following:





What is the letter and how many times has it been removed? If you wish, you can also restore the paragraph fully punctuated.


Can your PC can play a MIDI (78kb) file?

Enigma :

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