Ozland at the Cricket World Cup


THE CRICKET World Cup is a competition held every four years. The staging of the event is rotated among the twelve nations that participate. The year is 1992 and the World Cup was held in Australia. Each team played each other once in the tournament then the top four played-off in the semi-finals. There was no play-off for third place.

All games were played according to schedule, and no games were replayed due to a tied result. The highest team score was 312 with the highest individual score being 139. Had Ozland's captain, Allan Hoarder, scored his overall batting average instead of a duck (0) in Ozland's match against Sri Lanka, Ozland would have beaten the eventual tournament team record high score by one run.

All grounds played at were circular with their areas totalling whole numbers, a cricket pitch is 22 yards long and 'Pi' in this enigma equals exactly 3.1415895. That is all you need to know (but some knowledge of cricket may help a bit).


2. The number of games played by Ozland in the tournament

3. The square of the number of times 23 year-old Mark Wore was run out plus 23-down

6. The diameter in metres of the smallest ground Ozland played at

9. Allan Hoarder's batting average for the tournament

10. The number left when 1 is subtracted from the product of 16-across and 21-down

11. The number of runs Ozland scored against Sri Lanka

13. The number of matches played throughout the tournament

16. 22-across minus half of 12-down

18. The age Mark Wore will be when Ozland hosts the World Cup

19. The score Ozland made against England multiplied by ten

20. Allan Hoarder's highest score in the tournament

22. 5-down minus 20-down

23. The year Ozland has been nominated to host the Cricket World Cup

24. The number of runs scored by David Loon against New Zealand


1. The number of runs scored by Allan Hoarder in the tournament

2. The number of yards run by David Loon in amassing his own score in his boundary-less innings against New Zealand

4. The average number of runs scored against Ozland in each match

5. The radius in metres of the biggest ground Ozland played at

7. The number of wickets taken by Ozland's Paul Shotgun in the tournament

8. The square root of 6-across

12. 6-across divided by two

14. The number that gives 19-across when added to 6-across and 2-down

15. The area in square metres of the smallest ground Ozland played at

16. The number of runs scored by Steve Wore in the tournament

17. The total number of runs scored against Ozland in the tournament

20. The final position Ozland placed in the World Cup competition

21. The number of wickets taken by Ozland's Craig McHermit

23. The maximum temperature at the ground on the day of the final.

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