Sam and the Hole in the Ground

SAM the Butcher was shocked to find that the swimming pool he had won on the television game show had developed a blockage in its drain pipe and he could no longer empty it quickly.

From the site plans, Sam knew exactly how deep down the drain pipe was and where it was located, so he decided to dig a hole to expose the pipe and attempt to remove the blockage.

As he was digging, his wife came outside to see what he was doing. Now Sam knew that Sheila also enjoyed solving puzzles, so when she asked him, "How deep is that hole going to be?", Sam replied evasively, "My height is exactly 5 feet 10 inches".

Sheila then asked, "Well, how much deeper are you going?". To which Sam answered, "I am one-third done, and when I am finished, my head will be twice as far below ground as it is now above ground".

Sheila quickly worked out how deep the hole was to be and offered to supervise Sam from the floating lounge in the swimming pool. Can you work out how deep the hole will be?


Can your PC can play a MIDI (30kb) file?

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