Stu's Double Jeopardy!

Play the TV Game Show of Jeopardy on your computer! A fantastic activity to play with your friends or for teachers to use with their students. Download and play it FREE!

Stu's Grand Final Sweepstakes!

Celebrate the football grand finals/SuperBowl in your office by running your own sweepstakes! Great prizemoney to be won, lots of fun! Download and play it for FREE!


An exciting collection of puzzles for all puzzlaniacs.

World IQ Challenge Cup

Where the best of brains are recognised. You get to compete in about 100 different puzzles. Don't you miss it!

A Web 4 Puzzles

Solve puzzles, braintease others. Interesting selection of brainteasers: Lateral Thinking, Logic & Maths, Word, Visual, Chess and Difficult puzzles. Tons of Puzzle books, software, online games too.

Aha! Puzzles

On-line Lateral puzzles, books and games can be found at this great site by Lloyd King.  Take a look!


The source of all the great 'thinking music' at my site. A HUGE archive of MIDI files for personal use. Just browse throught the easy FTP listings for almost anything in great music!


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