The Computer Coded Message


SECURITY was important at Government House. In recent times, the ruling Liberal Party had many of its planned policies leaked to the Opposition who had been intercepting electronic messages sent between ministers.

The leader of the Liberals was furious. She had to find a way to send secret messages without the Labor Party finding out about them.

Her advisors recommended using coded messages. However it was too risky to have code books lying around, so they developed a simple code that all the ministers could decipher with the help of the personal computer on each of their desks. No computer programs were run to translate the code as these too could fall into the wrong hands.

The code varied with the day of the week. Sunday was counted as the first day. One Wednesday, the Premier received the following message from her Minister of Science and Technology. Translate it please.



Can your PC can play a MIDI (30kb) file?

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