ARE YOU looking for something different in a puzzle website or publication? Bored with the exam-like questions found elsewhere? Try something different - try The Great Engima Challenge!

Ponder over amusing and entertaining characters and situations as you use all your logical, analytical and lateral thinking skills to solve the many diverse problems laid out. And that's what's different about this site. The Great Enigma Challenge tests all your thinking skills, but all the while keeping your interest by using imaginative writing and avoiding monotonous repetitions of the same type of puzzle.

Also to be found in the Challenge is a new dimension in puzzles - The Crossnumber - the solution to which tells an entire story! A classic of this genre called The Dunks and Dog's Mead has been reproduced here, and there are two further brand new Crossnumbers among the forty or so puzzles inside to tempt and tease you.

What you won't find at this site are the solutions to any of the puzzles. To check your answer, you must complete and submit the form at the bottom of each puzzle page and the solution will be e-mailed to you. But you have to have a go, or the solution will not be sent to you.  NOTE: There are no ads on this site, I don't keep your e-mail address and you won't get any spam by using this site.  I make no money from this site at all, it's just a hobby of mine.  The only thing I track is how many times each puzzle is attempted and how many times they are answered correctly.

To make solving the puzzles a little more fun, I've just added 'thinking music' to each enigma. If your browser and computer can play MIDI files, you can hear some of my favourite songs while pondering. Just click the 'Thinking Music' button on each page for a related (sort of) piece of music. If you like, you can also try and guess the link between the music and the puzzle. You can also download every puzzle in E-Book format (for Windows) by clicking on the title at the top.  That way you can work on the puzzles off-line and just go on-line to submit your solutions.

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